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Blood & Honour is:

  1. an independent National Socialist movement supporting all active NS / Nationalist parties and groups in the White world.
  2. a magazine promoting NS ideals, NS music, be it rock. Oi!, metal, etc.
  3. a cog in a movement that has divisions in most countries.
  4. a no compromising stand against all we consider corrupt.

Blood & Honour’s Aims are:

  1. To unite White youth.
  2. To promote White Power and White Pride through positive ideals and a positive message.
  3. To create units in every city and every town in every country.
  4. To promote our culture and our traditions.
  5. To help any worthy political organisation either financially or with manpower on the streets.
  6. To win our nations back, once and for all.




In 1977, with the creation of the Anti-Nazi Leagues ‘Rock Against Racism’ music organisation the National Front responded with its own ‘Rock Against Communism’ organisation. By 1982 the reformed band Skrewdriver re-launched Rock Against Communism to help themselves and other bands promote and organise concerts. With the aid of the National Front, gigs were organised under the RAC name through the White Noise Club, with White Noise Records acting to release records.The RAC grew throughout 1983-84 with gigs regularly attended by over 600, seeing bands such as Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, The Ovalitinees, Peter & The Wolves and Skullhead, with only word of mouth publicity. Later in 1984, skinheads from all over Britain and Europe united to attend several outdoor RAC festivals organised by WNC and the NF. With the release of Skrewdriver’s Hail The New Dawn album on the German Rock-O-Rama label the WNC gained an even larger audience.

The National Front split in 1986, which effectively saw the conclusion of the White Noise Club and links to the German label Rock-O-Rama. In addition it emerged that the WNC had been ripping off the bands and gig goers. After which, several bands left the WNC including Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Sudden Impact and later Brutal Attack. By mid 1987, these breakaway bands launched a new white music organisation called Blood and Honour with a magazine of the same name. In September the new organisation was officially launched at a London gig, seeing Skrewdriver play with Brutal Attack, Sudden Impact, and No Remorse.

This then became the new independent voice of Rock Against Communism and welcomes bands from national socialist, nationalist, patriotic, anti-Communist or white power views. By becoming politically independent it supports many organisations and is not exclusive. The Blood and Honour movement uses an international network of official Divisions to act as one united pro-white National Socialist organisation. Here within the United Kingdom, there are several divisions, which with their own group base, are centred around a region of the country, unified under the common name Blood and Honour – Great Britain.




Blood & Honour has took off so well because of it’s idea. There has been no other magazine that promotes the advancement of the White Race and that does not tie itself to any political party. Blood & Honour is not tied to any party, it is mainly run by the bands. The bands are popular so the magazine is popular. It’s main achievement has been to get more people involved in the White cause and to push the music of the bands over to a lot more people thanwould be possible otherwise.” IAN STUART DONALDSON

Blood & Honour proudly present Ian Stuart’s “Blood & Honour” magazine, the only official voice for the BrotherHood 28. With band, nationalist and political interviews, articles, CD reviews, news from the frontline, movement news, nationalist political news. Plus all you need to know about the true White Rock n Roll Resistance Movement

Subscribe to the B & H magazine. Subscriptions are the lifeblood of Blood & Honour. Ian Stuart’s Blood and Honour never was a front for a CD label or puppet vehicle to sell merchandise, it does not finance drug habits, prostitutes or any kind of anti-social behaviour. Remember Blood & Honour sell NOTHING and is non profit making!

Support the cause! Support the scene! Fight back by subscribing to B&H!

Subscription Details:

For a 4 issue subscription:

£14 inc P&P – GB
£16 / 22 E inc P&P – Europe
£18 / $35 inc P&P – USA/ Canada
£19 inc P&P – Worldwide

Payment can be made by cheque or postal order payable to Blood and Honour and send to:

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For alternative payments please ask general@bloodandhonourworldwide.co.uk

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