Blood and Honour – Central Division

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“Blood And Honour has took off so well because of its idea. There has been no other magazine that promotes the advancement of the White race and that does not tie itself to any political party. Blood and Honour is not tied to any party, it is mainly run by the bands. The bands are popular so the magazine is popular. Its main achievement has been to get more people involved in the White cause and to push the music of the bands over to a lot more people than would be possible otherwise. Food for thought, that Blood and Honour has got at least five times the circulation of Searchlight. That´s a fact.”

Ian Stuart Donaldson

Blood & Honour CENTRAL DIVISION has been in existence since 2002. Proudly being part of the national and international brotherhood of the Blood & Honour. This division aims to cover the area of East Anglia which includes Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.

The cause is simple

  • To promote white pride music and resistance.
  • To bring together pro-white bands and supporters.
  • To create a united front against the anti-Whites of today.
  • To use our music as a weapon against the mainstream anti-White music industry.

No matter which pro-white political group you belong, Blood & Honour aims to unite us all in a common cause. Providing access to music about cultural loyalty, heritage pride, unity, tributes to fallen comrades and criticism against society. The anti-Whites know our voices are a genuine threat to themselves, so have tried to push us underground. White Power music is unknown to most people, you can’t go into a shop and find a CD or even a download of Skrewdriver, so how are people going to know what pro-white nationalist music is? Having the opposition against us we gain confidence in our greater sense of loyalty and pride.

Blood & Honour supports many bands in this country and around the world, organises successful concerts on a regular basis. Each one attracting more and more people. Blood & Honour is not a social club, drinking club or hobby and is not a political party or terrorist organisation. There are no membership forms or fees, the support of our people keeps everything going. This support goes both ways, we promote many groups, and they support us in return. This ideal continues the work began by our martyr Ian Stuart, who created Blood & Honour and until his tragic death was the vocalist of the band Skrewdriver.

There is a varied base of music styles and genres that come under the Blood and Honour banner. These appeal to all, each band having different views, but more importantly all dedicated to the promotion of pro-white ideals. Whilst labels are just words, Blood & Honour embraces nationalist, patriotic, national socialist, loyalist, white pride, and skinhead, Oi!, rockabilly, white power rock, neo-folk, hatecore and death metal to ballad music genres.

‘We were the country that had everything. We were the country, Rule Britannia we would sing. We were the country, and we could never lose. Once a nation, and now we’re run by who? We want our country back now!’

Free My Land – Skrewdriver

Since 08-Feb-2002