Sign of the BrotherHood

The official symbol for all legitimately sanctioned divisions of Ian Stuart’s B & H is the Brotherhood symbol. This was designed by a French comrade from the Midgard Division in 1999 to define and recognise Ian Stuart’s official B & H.

Once a group has passed all the criteria to carry the name B & H and work within the Brotherhood 28, the division may use the Brotherhood symbol. Supporters of B & H use the symbol to show allegiance if they are not aligned to any specific official division.

The symbol is not open for use by any other group – all its components have specific meaning to those within the Brotherhood 28.

Brotherhood symbol


The Brotherhood symbol is made from three 7’s forming a Triskelion. The three legs are symbolic of constant movement and a forward direction of action, progress and revolution.


Within the Triskelion is a sharp edged diamond, which signifies all B & H defenders – those brave few who have seen the risks and threats we face and have volunteered to face them regardless. As Ian Stuart said, “You are the diamonds in the dust”.


The diamond holds three colours. Red to show our sacred blood that many have sacrificed in its defence, and all the heritage it holds. White represents our ethnicity, culture and glorious race. Black stands for bravery and courage.

Deaths Head

The deaths head proudly grins from the centre and represents loyalty ‘til death.