B & H No Press Policy

Correcting The Falsehoods – National Organisers Meeting Majority Agreement – 16.08.2016

Since 1987, numerous representatives from the musical resistance have been involved in an ongoing series of discussions, interviews and filming with the Government sanctioned anti-patriotic run press of all ilk. The continuing dialogue and co-operation with the media has just come to represent clear and irrefutable evidence that our movement, scene, actions and goals will never be shown in a fair or unbiased light.

It is obvious to any free thinker the media modus operandi is purely about silencing our viewpoint and shutting down any form or right to freedom of expression. While we believe this issue isn’t confined to just 28 but to all those active in the defence of our people, it has become an urgent concern and so we will act for 28 and will stand alone on this policy. It is for others to choose their own path.

It is felt with over 80% of the British public using the internet for news and information in some form, and the vast majority of our people having total mistrust in anything our collective media releases, it is time we cut this cancer from our midst wherever we can. 28 has honoured every commitment to the media we have made and will continue to do so. But hence with will only do so on our terms after majority agreement.

We reiterate our view that the resolution of the no press policy is a necessary step to prevent or at least stem the outright lies and misinformation ceaselessly spewed about the skinhead musical resistance network.

Run silent, run deep. 28