B & H Founding Statement

The following is the original 1987 founding statement:

Blood & Honour is:

  1. An independent National Socialist movement supporting all active NS / Nationalist parties and groups in the White world.
  2. A magazine promoting NS ideals, NS music, be it rock. Oi!, metal, etc.
  3. A cog in a movement that has divisions in most countries.
  4. A no compromising stand against all we consider corrupt.

Blood & Honour’s Aims are:

  1. To unite White youth.
  2. To promote White Power and White Pride through positive ideals and a positive message.
  3. To create units in every city and every town in every country.
  4. To promote our culture and our traditions.
  5. To help any worthy political organisation either financially or with manpower on the streets.
  6. To win our nations back, once and for all.