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Blood & Honour has took off so well because of its idea. There has been no other magazine that promotes the advancement of the White Race and that does not tie itself to any political party. Blood & Honour is not tied to any party, it is mainly run by the bands. The bands are popular so the magazine is popular. Its main achievement has been to get more people involved in the White cause and to push the music of the bands over to a lot more people than would be possible otherwise.Ian Stuart Donaldson

Blood & Honour proudly present Ian Stuart’s “Blood & Honour” magazine, the only official voice for the BrotherHood 28. With band, nationalist and political interviews, articles, CD reviews, news from the frontline, movement news, nationalist political news. Plus all you need to know about the true White Rock n Roll Resistance Movement

Subscribe to the B & H magazine. Subscriptions are the lifeblood of Blood & Honour. Ian Stuart’s Blood and Honour never was a front for a CD label or puppet vehicle to sell merchandise, it does not finance drug habits, prostitutes or any kind of anti-social behaviour.

Remember Blood & Honour sell NOTHING and is non profit making!

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